Top 7 Most Stubborn Animals In the World (With Pictures in 2024)

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The most stubborn animals include mules, bulls, cows, donkeys, badgers, goats, and cats. Many other animals are disobedient and hard-headed, but these citations are more stubborn than others. Stubbornness alludes to “having or showing dogged determination”; indeed, it is a behavioral characteristic evident in many creatures in the animal’s domain.

What pops into your head when you think about stubborn animals? Humans are often stubborn, which means being “unwilling to change one’s perspective. Stating that the opinion is incorrect until the end “. On the other hand, animals show the word stubbornness only when a human or outer power tries to make them move or something similar. This work will reveal the most common stubborn animals and their denominations.

10 Most Stubborn Animals


Mules is carrying the goods in the middle of the snow mountains

Scientific name: Equus asinus x Equus caballus

Mule is a hybrid bred through a mating of a mare and a jack. The offspring plants itself once seated, and it knows all the devil’s treachery. They are, in fact, a powerful pack cattle that has accompanied humanity for many centuries; mules have not lost their actuality even now. Mules are treasured for their sure-footedness and are regularly used to travel mountains. Nonetheless, behavioral economics and psychology teach us that the mule’s stubbornness may only be the tip of the iceberg. It may indeed plant itself once seated, but the truth is that mules are bright animals that can be educated. They just prefer to evaluate situations to avoid putting themselves at risk or wasting energy.

Did you know that most mules are infertile because they have 63 chromosomes, a combination of 64 from the horse and 62 from the donkey?


Bulls the running inside the field

Scientific name: Bos taurus

The bull is a member of the domestic cattle family, Bovidae. It has always been depicted as a stubborn creature. This is due to the fact that it is very difficult to distract them from what is happening and manipulation in training. Determined, unwavering, to be quite curious, no matter the situation. This is the reason people tend to project anything stubborn on the people who can be representatives of the zodiacal sign Taurus, thinking that it represents a character of a bull. Additionally, bulls are a sign of cruelty and rage.

Do you know: In Australia, people refer to a wild, young, uncleared bull as a “Micky.”


Most Stubborn Animals

Scientific name: Bos taurus

There is an expression that you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink

This expression applies to cows as well. Cows are stubborn animals and are not accustomed to obeying others. What makes cows so stubborn? First of all, cows are herd animals and close space. Herd animals adapt to close space with others and maintain their leadership. In this way, it is natural to resist if you want them to do something. Besides, existing negative experiences, such as passing through the cattle chute, can also increase stubbornness: stress and trauma serve as an outstanding basis for animal nervousness. Also, to avoid stubborn behavior, the animal must be stress-free. Confining animals in a chute or removing their calf exacerbates their behavior rather.

Do you know: Their strong sense of smell, detecting odors up to 10 kilometers away, aids in navigating social connections and identifying threats. For instance, cows can detect stress hormones in the urine of other cows, helping them avoid danger.


Lori Gibson is in love with the baby Donkeys

Scientific name: Equus asinus

First of all, the most common type of donkey’s behavior is manifested in stubbornness. Often, to drive a donkey to do work or move it, it is necessary to exert force, and the donkey resists. As a result, donkeys acquired this quality that always persisted, and people tend to perceive them as opposites.However, one should not think that an animal can consciously resist and not obey. A donkey does not think like a human; it only operates with instincts. If the donkey stands still, it marks danger and waits until it feels secure before continuing. This is a matter of survival, and a donkey must always have a margin of this quality. Many would say that this behavior is not stubbornness, but caution. But who will explain this to the donkey?

Do you know: A donkey’s bray can be heard from as far as 60 miles away in the desert.


Most Stubborn Animals

Scientific name: Capra aegagrus hircus

Although goats are commonly considered as obstinate animals, they are also intelligent and capable of mastering tricks. Goats have a varied diet, but they can be stubborn, indicating a divergent or unique view of a specific situation. Such behaviors are typically due to the animal’s physiological need, including the need for companionship and access to food and water. Nevertheless, with the right approach, stubborn goats can become well-behaved creatures, provided that one must grasp their mentality to ‘read’ their conduct and handle.

Do you know: They are extremely selective eaters, using their sensitive lips to explore for clean and appetizing food. They frequently decline to consume hay that has been trampled on or left lying loose for a day.


Most Stubborn Animals

Scientific name: Felis catus

The cause of stubbornness in cats can be their natural independence. Cats are headstrong, and they like to do everything on their own. This stubbornness is likely due to their natural dominance and independence, similar to wolves. Cats training is not as easy as training dogs. Cats are characterized by increased stubbornness, peevishly, and aggressiveness. Often one can hear the argument that dogs understand better than cats, but it is not. Cats better understand who shows interest in them. This will not prevent a man’s affectionate, but oppositionate character in case the animal has different perception aspect of the issue.

Do you know: Some cats have more than 18 toes, earning them the label “polydactyl” due to their extra digits.


Most Stubborn Animals

Scientific name: Meles meles

The badger is the most stubborn animal because it is an extremely strong-willed animal. The creature is small, but its steadfastness and single-mindedness are well-known. Although this is a good trait, it can cause some troubles when this animal does not know where to stop. It is manifested most brightly while hunting. After choosing a victim, the badger is ready to chase her to extreme unconsciousness until it catches its prey, regardless of the danger. The same applies to the excavation of their burrows. The badger will tirelessly comply without ceasing until the task is completed. Even if the digging will last for three days without a break, the ideal result will be achieved.

Do you know: The badger is the state animal of Wisconsin.

Final Words

Certain animals exhibit aggression, stubbornness, and difficulty in control due to their innate nature, while others may act based on their unique perspectives or reactions distinct from humans.

Understanding the natural behaviors and thought processes of animals is crucial to comprehend why they display stubborn behavior. If you enjoyed this post, I would also suggest reading: Quiet Animals


1. What animals are stubborn?

Various animals, including mules, bulls, donkeys, goats, cats, badgers, and even certain breeds of dogs, exhibit stubbornness. These animals may exhibit strong-willed behavior or resistance to commands due to their innate characteristics, environmental factors, or individual personalities.

2. Which animal is stubborn?

Many animals can exhibit stubborn behavior, but some of the most commonly recognized for their stubbornness include mules, bulls, donkeys, goats, cats, and badgers.

3. What Is the Most Stubborn Dog Breed?

The most stubborn dog breed is the Akita. Akitas are large, spitz-type dogs originating from Japan. Their reputation stems from their loyalty, protectiveness, and territorial behavior. Akitas also exhibits stubbornness and independence.

4. What Is the Most Stubborn Cat Breed?

The most stubborn cat breed is the Siamese. Their intelligence, playful demeanor, and vocal tendencies are well-known traits of Siamese cats. Additionally, they exhibit stubbornness and independence as part of their characteristics.



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