Black Maine Coon – Facts, Origin & History (Update 2024)

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The Black Maine Coon, often referred to as the “gentle giant,” is a captivating domestic cat breed known for its imposing size and elegant demeanor. These cats have a distinctive charm and have become increasingly popular among pet owners worldwide.

You’ve got it right! The Black Smoke Maine Coon is truly a breathtaking cat. This feline beauty captivates with its long and luxurious fur coat, majestic lion-like appearance, and impressive size, making it hard to resist.

As the largest domesticated cat breed native to the United States, hailing from Maine, these fluffy giants are extraordinary. Their popularity as pets is no surprise, given their stunning and mesmerizing presence. Simply seeing an image of a Black Smoke Maine Coons can leave you in awe.

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Maine Coon cats, focusing specifically on the black variation of the breed. Despite their large size, these stunning felines have amassed a devoted following due to their gentle and affectionate nature. Are you excited? Let’s dive in and uncover everything you need to know!

Black Maine Coon Highlights

Black Maine Coon
  • Playful and Energetic: Black Maine Coons are highly playful and energetic cats. They enjoy interactive playtime and are known to retain their kitten-like curiosity well into adulthood. Playing with them can strengthen your bond and provide them with mental stimulation.
  • Social and Friendly: Black Maine Coons are social cats that generally get along well with people and other pets. They often welcome visitors and enjoy being part of the family’s activities.
  • Intelligent and Trainable: These cats are brilliant and quick learners. They can be trained to perform tricks and follow commands, making them amenable to interactive training sessions.
  • Gentle and Patient: Black Maine Coons are typically gentle and patient, especially with children. Their calm demeanor makes them well-suited for households with kids.
  • Curious and Adventurous: These cats are curious and love to explore their surroundings. Plenty of interactive toys and cat trees can keep them mentally stimulated and happy.
HeightMale 10-16 inches
Female 8-14 inches
SizeMale 19-40 inches
Female 19-40 inches
WeightMale 15-25 Ibs
Female 8-12 Ibs
Lifespan11-13 years
Suitable forSingle-family homes, homes with children, homes with other pets
TemperamentIntelligent, gentle, affectionate

The Earliest Records of Black Maine Coon Cats in History

The Maine Coon cat holds a prestigious position as one of the oldest felines breeds globally. Native to North America, specifically Maine, its origins are steeped in mystery yet legend.

Although its precise lineage remains elusive, many speculate that the Maine Coon emerged from the interbreeding of local short-haired domestic cats and long-haired breeds, possibly including the Siberian domestic cat and the Norwegian Forest Cat.

The breed experienced a surge in popularity towards the late 19th century, notably with the remarkable achievements of a female Maine Coon named Cosey. In 1895, Cosey made history by clinching the title at the prestigious North American Cat Show in New York City.

How The Black Maine Coon Gained Popularity

Black Maine Coon

In 1985, the Maine Coon gained recognition as one of Maine’s official animals, a distinction shared by only two other states: Maryland and Massachusetts.

Despite not achieving celebrity status, Maine Coons have won hearts with their gentle nature and impressive size. Often dubbed “gentle giants,” they are known for their calm demeanor, playful disposition, and rarity of aggression, retaining their playful charm into adulthood.

However, the breed faced challenges in the early 20th century with the introduction of other long-haired breeds like Persians, leading to a decline in popularity. This decline was evident in the lack of Maine Coon victories in national cat shows for 40 years, sparking concerns in the 1950s about the breed’s extinction. Fortunately, while the breed’s numbers dwindled, it did not disappear entirely.

Formal Recognition of Black Maine Coon Cats

Before becoming a state symbol, the Maine Coon gained recognition from the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) in 1976, meeting color and size standards for championship status. The Black Maine Coon is among the colors recognized by the CFA, thanks to the efforts of the CMCC and other breeders.

In 1979, The International Cat Association (TICA) was established, promptly accepting black Maine Coons for championship status. TICA is now the world’s largest genetic cat registry.

Top 3 Unique Facts About Black Maine Coon Cats

1. They have interesting origins

Despite common misconceptions, the Maine Coon cat did not originate from a cross between a cat and a raccoon, nor were they brought to America by Marie Antoinette during her alleged escape from France.

The truth is that the Maine Coon is the oldest cat breed native to America, specifically originating in the state of Maine. Scholars speculate that long-haired cats brought by Vikings and European sailors may have contributed to the breed’s origin, mating with native short-haired cats and resulting in the creation of the Maine Coon breed.

2. These cats were built for winter

Maine Coons have evolved specific physical traits to thrive in New England’s harsh winters. Their snowshoe-like paws and water-resistant fur, particularly long around their lower bodies, keep them warm on snow and ice.

Additionally, they can wrap their long, bushy tails around their bodies for extra warmth, making them exceptionally cozy in cold weather.

3. They’ve been cloned successfully

In 2004, a Maine Coon kitten named Little Nicky made history as the first known sale of a cloned pet.

A Texas woman paid $50,000 to a California-based biotech company to clone her deceased cat. Despite the procedure’s controversy, Little Nicky’s owner asserted that the clone was identical to the original Nicky.

Does Black Maine Coon Make A Good Pet?

Maine Coon siting on the sofa

If you are considering adding a Black Maine Coon to your family, you might be wondering if they make good pets. Let’s delve into their personality and behavior to find out!

Personality: Friendly, Loyal, and Affectionate

The Black Maine Coons is known for its friendly and sociable nature. They are affectionate and loyal to their human family members, forming strong bonds with them. These cats love interacting and playing, making them great companions for families and individuals.

Behavior With Other Pets: Peaceful Coexistence

Black Maine Coons typically get along well with other pets in the household. Aggressiveness is not a recognized trait among them, and they can often display tolerance and gentleness, especially with proper introductions. Their amiable disposition makes them a welcome addition to multi-pet homes.

Intelligence and Trainability: Smart and Willing to Learn

Intelligence is one of the standout traits of the Black Maine Coons. Certainly, Black Maine Coons are quick learners, making them trainable to follow commands and even perform tricks.

Their willingness to learn and engage in interactive training sessions makes them an ideal pet for those who enjoy teaching new skills.

Adaptability: Versatile and Family-Friendly

The Black Maine Coons are a highly adaptable breed. They can adjust well to different environments and lifestyles, making them suitable for various living situations. Their gentle and patient nature also makes them excellent companions for families with children.

Final Words

Black Maine Coons are indeed stunning cats with a fascinating history and admirable traits. Despite facing near extinction, they remain in high demand as beloved pets. Now armed with knowledge about their background, origins, and care requirements, you can decide if the Black Maine Coon is the perfect addition to your family.


1. Do Black Maine Coons get along with other pets?

Black Maine Coons generally have a friendly and pleasant demeanor, making them adaptable and getting along well with other pets in the household.

2. Are black Maine Coon cats rare?

Not really! There are many colors possible in a litter of kittens. Some breeders will specialize in a few particular colors, while others have more variety in their cattery.

3. How much is a black Maine Coon?

On average, the cost of a Maine Coon kitten is between $4000 – $6000. Many things influence the prices, such as bloodlines, health guarantees, and demand from a certain breeder



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