8 Common Animals Like Chital (Why They’re Similar)

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Deer, a captivating group of animals, encompasses 43 species divided into two subfamilies: Old World and New World. Among these, the chital (Axis axis), also known as the spotted deer, stands out as a native resident of the Indian subcontinent. Some of the animals similar to Chital include Elk, Moose, white-tail deer, Caribou, Gazelle, Marsh Deer, Red deer, and Fallow deer.

Belonging to the family Cervidae within the order Artiodactyla, the chital was meticulously described and named by German naturalist Johann Christian Polycarp Erxleben in 1777. This elegant species has earned various monikers, including chital deer and axis deer.

Chitals, distinguished by their four-chambered stomachs and majestic antlers atop their heads, exhibit a captivating brown hue adorned with white spots. This coat is reminiscent of fawns from other deer species.

How Big Are Chitals?

A moderate-sized deer, male chitals stand proudly at 90 cm (35 in), while their female counterparts reach 70 cm (28 in) at the shoulder. The males boast a weight ranging from 70 to 90 kg (150 to 200 lb), whereas the females weigh a slightly lighter 40 to 60 kg (88 to 132 lb).

8 Animals Like Chital

Discovering 8 animals akin to the Chital, spanning reasons from diet to appearance, unveils the fascinating spectrum of nature’s creations.

1. Elk

Animals Like Chital

Image Source Flickr

Scientific name: Cervus canadensis

How are they like chitals: Closely aligned in the deer family, the elk shares common ground with the Chital—boasting large antlers and thriving in similar regions.

The elk, akin to the Chital, shares the deer family lineage and a parallel diet, predominantly grazing on foliage.

Found worldwide, ranging from 13 inches to eight feet in size, these creatures thrive in colder North American and Asian regions.

Resonating with Chital characteristics, elk flaunt large antlers, light brown fur, and long, hoofed legs.

2. Moose

Animals Like Chital

Image Source Flickr

Scientific name: Alces alces

How are they like chitals: Moose and Chital, sharing the deer family connection, boast strikingly similar appearances, showcasing nature’s harmonious design.

Moose in North America, Russia, and Poland share habitats with Chital. These towering creatures reach 6 feet at the shoulder, excluding the head and antlers.

Belonging to the same family, moose have a diverse diet, including various vegetation, and are known to dive underwater for marine plants. Their impressive size and adaptability make them a captivating member of the deer family.

3. white-tail deer

Animals Like Chital

Image Source Flickr

Scientific name: Odocoileus virginianus

How are they like chitals: Chital and White-Tail Deer, akin in both diet and appearance, exhibit the harmonious patterns of nature’s design.

White-tail deer, abundant in North America, particularly in Virginia, Tennessee, and Georgia, also call South and Central America home.

Sharing a diet reminiscent of Chital, they graze on vegetation, nuts, and fruit.

The similarities extend to their appearance, featuring large antlers and brownish hair. Explore the charm of these deer that traverse the landscapes of multiple continents.

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4. Caribou

Animals Like Chital

Image Source Flickr

Scientific name: Rangifer tarandus

How are they like chitals: Caribou and Chital share not only similar diets but also exhibit resemblances in appearance.

Also known as reindeer, caribou share remarkable similarities with Chital. Thriving in frigid North American landscapes, their diet, predominantly grass and shrubbery, aligns with Chital’s preferences.

Large antlers adorn both species, with caribou exhibiting a unique behavior of consuming their fallen antlers. Resembling Chital in color, they often appear lighter, cleverly blending with snowy surroundings.

Witness the harmony between these Arctic dwellers and their Indian subcontinent counterparts.

5. Gazelle

Image Source Flickr

Scientific name: Gazella

How are they like chitals: Gazelles, native to Africa, echo the body shape of Chital.

Gazelles, native to Africa, share a strikingly similar body shape with Chital. Their slender, long legs and elongated snouts mirror the grace of Chital, but in a smaller frame, reaching just over 100 pounds as adults.

While Chital sport antlers, gazelles boast two thin horns. Both species share a diet of grass and vegetation, showcasing nature’s patterns.

Gazelles, renowned for their agility, can sprint at speeds up to 60 miles an hour, adding a dynamic dimension to their resemblance to Chital.

6. Marsh Deer

Image Source Flickr

Scientific name: Blastocerus dichotomous

How are they like chitals: Marsh Deer and Chital exhibit striking similarities in their diets, both favoring vegetation, and share commonalities in the appearance of their antlers.

While marsh deer may not resemble Chital in appearance, they share similar antlers and dietary preferences.

Both indulge in vegetation, with the unique habit of marsh deer swimming through marshes in pursuit of aquatic plants. Unlike Chital, marsh deer exclusively inhabit areas where water is less than 28 inches deep.

Found in South America, these deer, standing at approximately 4 feet tall, are a bit smaller than their Chital counterparts, showcasing the diversity within the deer family.

7. Red deer

Image Source Flickr

Scientific name: Cervus elaphus

How are they like chitals: Red Deer and Chital mirror each other not only in size but also in their captivating appearances.

The red deer, among the largest deer species, closely rivals elk and moose in size. Sharing similarities with Chital, they boast comparable antlers and maintain a diet predominantly consisting of foliage and grass.

While most common in Africa, Asia, Iran, and Europe, red deer have also made their presence known in Canada, the United States, Peru, Australia, and New Zealand.

These majestic creatures exhibit intriguing social dynamics, with males forming harems during mating season, showcasing the diverse behaviors within the deer family.

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8. Fallow deer

Image Source Flickr

Scientific name: Dama dama

How are they like chitals: Fallow deer and Chital align in both diet, grazing on grass, and appearance, boasting large antlers.

Fallow deer, akin to Chital, share a diet of grass and exhibit large antlers.

Native to Turkey, they extend their presence to Greece, Israel, and Europe.

Sporting a light coloring, fallow deer showcase adaptability by thriving in both hot and cold environments. Explore the shared features that unite these graceful members of the deer family.


Globally, an array of animals echoes the Chital, sharing akin appearances, habitats, or diets. This diverse spectrum underlines the interconnected beauty of nature’s creations.


1. What animals are similar to Chital?

Animals akin to Chital encompass Elk, Moose, White-Tail Deer, Caribou, Gazelle, Marsh Deer, Red Deer, and Fallow Deer. Explore the diverse world of deer species with resemblances to the Chital.

2. Who are the relatives of Chital?

Chital has relatives within the deer family, including species like Marsh Deer and Red Deer, each showcasing unique traits within this diverse family.

3. Do fallow deer have a specific geographical range?

Fallow deer are native to Turkey but can also be found in Greece, Israel, and Europe, showcasing their adaptable nature.


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